Apollo is the Greek God of the Sun (which used to be Helios but do to the Romans' laziness he faded and was replaced as sun God by Apollo), archery, and music. Apollo appears when you arrive in Delphi wearing headphones and listening to iTunes. he quickly puts them away and leads you to Thebos. He also lets you borrow his bow (as he has "plenty more"). You can keep the bow. Every arrow he shoots has a different effect: Like explosions, fire, frost, sparks, etc. He also does a fire spell which takes some power directly from the sun and sets the enemies ablaze. He only does this once and he has AI to do it in battle aswell as only outside. He also can sing so well that any hostile animals are cast with the spell "Animal Allegiance". He is not a follower but will help you.


SERVICES: Quest Manager

Apollo is quite important in the quest.