Hephaestus by elder of the earth-d2lq22m
Hephaestus is in a quest mod for Skyrim known as "Greek Nightmares". Hephaestus in one of the mentioned Gods and briefly makes an appearance at the end when he thanks thou. If you spawn him, he will fight with strong fire spells (multiple) even if from foreign mods (other mods).

RACE: Gods

SERVICES: Main character that barely makes any appearanced (one) that is most useful with console commands.

Hephaestus is the god of The Forge, fire, volcanos, and the handy man of Gods. Hephaestus himself is completly useless in the quest besides plot and ending. His only actual weapon is his fire hammer which deals massive default damage aswell as fire. It springs and lashes out at the enemy then returns to Hephaestus' side.