World at War Edit

The Scoped version is only available on . To acquire it, the player must first open the top floor. Then, on the far column at the back of the room, there will be a  that will cost 1500 points to open. It has a chalk arrow and question mark on the floor pointing to it. Opening it will give access to the Scoped Kar98k, that will cost 750 points for ammunition. It can also be found in the Mystery Box. Unlike its unscoped variant, the scoped Kar98k is much more effective. It can kill in a single headshot until around round 12. It can be considered a good alternative to the if the player is looking for an effective sniper rifle. It does not have the powerful penetration of the PTRS-41, nor its rate of fire, but it has an arguably more precise reticule, less recoil and a faster reload, as well as being able to reload cancel. However, the scoped Kar98k is reloaded one bullet at a time, whereas the unscoped variant has all its rounds loaded at once, making for much longer reloads with a scope. When Pack-a-Punched in , the Kar98k becomes the Armageddon. The Armageddon is similar to the scoped Kar98k in in terms of power. It has an eight round magazine and 60 rounds in reserve. It is advised not to Pack-a-Punch this weapon, as, ironically, any other weapon, even the , is better when upgraded

Black Ops Edit

The Kar98k returns in the Black Ops versions of Nacht der Untoten, Verruckt (replacing the springfield ), and Der Riese. It can only be obtained from its wall outlines for the same price of 200 points. The Scoped version remains in the Sniper Cabinet in Nacht der Untoten, also for the same price. Its Pack-a-Punched version remains mostly the same as its Call of Duty: World at War version.

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