Rhodos Total Cheat Mod

[1] Allows Rhodos to not die straight away.

Rome Total Cheat Mod

[2] Allows Rome to not die straight away.

Seleucid Total Cheat Mod

[3] Allows Seleucid to not get completely stomped on by the Ptolemaic Kingdom

Aethiopian Elephants

[4] Makes weak Aeithiopian Factions have Elephants

African Aethiopian Unit Expansion Pack

[5] Allows the Aethipian Factions to not get stomped on as easily by eastern factions

Playable Factions and Custom Battle with Faction Traits.

[6] Makes more factions playable



Better Names for Eastern and Hellenistic Empires and Satrapies

[8] Gives more realistic names to the ancient factions

Greek Legionaries

[9] Adds Greek Legionaries to Hellenistic Factions

Greek Legionary Nobles

[10] Adds Greek Legionary Nobles to Hellenistic Factions

Unit Transfers from Greek City States to Greek Colonies

[11] Adds Units to Greek Colonies

Royal Peltasts for Pontus

[12] Adds Royal Peltasts to Pontus

Egypt Emblem #2

[13] Adds new Emblem to Ptolemaic Kingdom

Sparta Emblem v1.1

[14] Adds new emblem to Sparta

Royal Peltasts for Sparta

[15] Adds Royal Peltasts to Sparta

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