Spell ModsEdit

Apocalypse Spell Pack

Forgotten Magic Redone

Skyrim school of witchcraft and wizardry

Forbidden Magic Spell Pack 3


Four Horses of the Apocalypse

Naruto Jutsu

Dremora of Coldharbour

Deadly Dragon Spells

Midas Magic Evolved

Colorful Magic

Conjure Lurker

Spells of Apocrypha

Seeker Thrall

Summon Forsworn Briarheart

Ash Magic

Summon Karstaag Unlimited

Spectral Harkon

Conjure Vampire Lord

Throwable Reikling Spear

Smart Cast

Waterwalking Spell Tome

Ancient Nordic Pantheon

Bound Crossbows

Summon Spectral Alduin and Greybeard

Levitate spell

Summon Keeper

Summon Gargoyles Mounts and Followers

Summon Werewolf Mounts and Followers

Sanguine Rose Permanent

One handed fist skills

Spitting in skyrim

Riverwood Imoperial Architect

Summon Daedric Prince

Conjure Ash Spawn Weapons

Shout ModsEdit


Storm Call

Fus Ro Dah Knocks down enemies

Ressurect Dragon Shout and Call Nafaalilargus

The Real Fus Ro Dah

More Draconic Dragon Aspect

Armor Set ModsEdit

Roman Imperial Armor and Weapons

Cloaks of Skyrim

Bosmer Armor Pack

Avatar of Balthazar


Imperial Dragon

Stormlord Armor

Alduin's Scale Armor

Alduin's Wings

Viking Chainmail

Space Wiking Dwemer Exoskeleton

Elite Archer

Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

Medusa and Drakul armor

Redguard Knight Armor

Tribunal robes and Masks

Gondor Armor

Mad Masker


Inpou by Neo

Arthas the Lich King

Berserk Black Swordsman

Evil Incarnate Daedric Gear

Dragon Priest Armor

Daedric Mage

Netch Leather Armor


Avatar of Grenth

Heroic Dwarven armor and weapons

Ancient Frozen Warlord

Old Barbaric Wild Armor

Inferno Knight Arms Set

Inferno Weapons and Armor set

General Falx Carius Armor

Robes of the Elder

Armor Immersive Mashup

Armor of Order

Helm of the Beastmaster

Trolllsbane Armor and weapon (put unique weapons after)

Mantle of Silver Hand

Nordic Adventurers Armor

Dragon Knight Armor

Skyforge Scale Armor

Black Overlord Armor

Prince of Persia Armor

Light Bonemold armor (stahlrim mesh)

Dwarven Bionic Suit

Ancient Greek Steel armor

Stormcloak viking replacer

East Empire Company armor

Dragonskull Helmet

Another Witcher 2 armor

Hero Plate

Noble Plate

Luddemans armor

Legionary vanguard armor

armor of Molag Bal

armor of Mara

Dwarven Black armor of fate

Grimoas Scarf and Gugel

Forsworn Loincloth

Wearable Elder Scrolls

Talos armor

Underworld Armor

Pure Blooded Dragonborn

Shadow Raven

Soul Drinker Doom Robe

Tarkus Armory

Skull Lord

Exclusively weapon ModsEdit

Immersive Weapons

Unique Weapons Redone

Dragonbone Crossbow

Throwing Knives

Lore Weapon Expansion

Dragon Age Series Weapon Pack

Club of Death

300 Spartan Sword


Daedric Wrath

Isilmeriel LOTR Weapon Collection

Bass Cannon

Blade of Olympus

Project Flintlock Rifle

Fist of the Gods

Ancient Aedra Weapons

Sanguine's Sting

Bonemold and Chitin weapons

Modern Falmer Crossbow

Bamboo Backed Osage Bow

In Se Okaaz

Rizing's Bow Collection

Horker weapon collection

Auriels Crossbow and Swords

One Handed Crossbows

JaySUS swords

True Trueflame and Hopesfire

Stahlrim Crossbow

Carved Nordic Crossbow

Horker bow and crossbow

Silver Crossbows


Black Marsh Import

Demon Mace

Mace of Aevar Stone Sting

Weapons of Mara

Blade of Akatosh

Dwarven Black Weapons

Newermind Bow Collection

Much Ado about snow elves

Dragon Weapon Pack

Elemental Dragon Staff

Follower ModsEdit


The Fellowship

Fish Companion


SR Elf

Army of one


Kaiden Thrace

Walk-Amongst Clouds

Wak Wak



Nazeem Reloaded

Maia Lunari Vampire Follower

Maff Gol Blood Orc

Dar Jalapeno Mohjar


Wilbur Asskettle

Brhuce Hammar


Clyde the Imga Follower


Radeel Ash Spawn follower


Miraak Dragonborn follower




Overhaul ModsEdit

Amazing Follower Tweaks


Skyrim Redone

Civil War Overhaul

Convenient Horses

Dagon's Legions

World Eater Beater

Jaxonz Positioner

Dragon ModsEdit

Dragon Combat Overhaul

Bellyaches new dragon species

Enhanced Mighty Dragons

Real time dragon fast travel

Summon Sindragosa

Behemoth the Feathered Dragon

Thanatos as Durneviir

Paarthurnax Dilemma

World Eater

Dubstep Dragons

Jills of Akatosh

Ultimate Dragons

Quest ModsEdit

Helgen Reborn

Void Walker

Into the depths

Dragonbreak ep 1 and 2

Inferno Envoys of End

Oblivion Gate of Solitude

Assault on Summerset Isle

Mines of Moria


Velecar Worm-Prince Boss Battle

Pirates of the Pacific

Oblivion Morthal Pain


Moon and Star


Dragonquests The Secret

Agent of Righteous Might

Lord Balmer's Playground


Radovar's Revenge

Stealing Sovngarde

Ragnorak's Revenge

Valhalla's Tomb

DLC-Like ModsEdit



Moonpath to Elsweyr

Black Marsh

Hammerfell Arena

Spartan Mod 2.7

[Abandoned Summerset Isles]

Predators - The lost Tribes

Wrath of the Lich King

High King of Skyrim


Winterhold Expanded Ruins

Pit Fighter

Pit Fighter Add On


Atmora Land of Truth

Fight against the Thalmor 1

Fight against the Thalmor 2

Fight against the Thalmor 3

Fight against the Thalmor 4

Shadow of Morrowind

The Elder Scrolls Quests Series

Daedra Unofficial DLC


AI ModsEdit

Ultimate Combat

One with Nature

Misc ModsEdit


Alternate Start Live Another Life

Mudcrab Hunters

The mighty town of Randrill

Werebear beast form

Instant Leveling Chest

Skyrim script extender

Paradise Halls

Return to Sovngarde

Named Dragon Skulls

Kxk Apocrypha Home

Skyrim unlimited rings and amulets

Free Fall Tower

Rise of the Ancient Falmer

Shield of Magnus

Disenchant Black Bow of Fate

Bosmer Outpost

Worship of the Daedra

Posh Mudcrabs

Enhanced Mighty Mudcrabs

I Pinch

Copycat statues

Zigurdz Demon Form

Dragons absorb your soul

Mage Backpack


More Badass Walrus

Bounty Gold

360 Walk and Run +

Guild Starter

Famaliar Faces

Tropical Shack

Race ModsEdit



Ningheim Race

Demonic Sanctum Preview


The Lungaris


Dagi Raht

Khajiit Vampire Eyes

Shadowscale race


Yautja Armor compatability

Ka Po Tun

Dremora with Vampire Eyes

Freckle Mania

Argonian Hair Workshop

Dread Tentacles

Animation ModsEdit

YY Mystic Knight Anim Replacer

Phalance Stance

AE Animation



Deadly Dragons

Unofficial Skyrim Patch

Killable and Lootable Children

Lore-Based Loading Screen

Marriable Serana

Unofficial Dragonborn patch

Island Fast Travel

Animated Enchantments

Werewolf Lord Armor


Children can wear armors

Aspect of Power


Mehrunes Razor Retexture

Mora's Gift

Daggerfall Sanguine

Morag Tong enhancement

Paralyze Every Creature

Black Books work in skyrim too

Craftable Ancient Nord Weapons

Forsworn armor craftable

Craftable Ancient Falmer Armor

Snow Falmer

Bound Weaponry Crafting

Brutish Argonian Male

Death-Brand weapons and armor re color

True Alternation armor visual

Stahlrim with Glass Perk

Serana Secret

Quality World Map

Better Falskaar and Wyrmstooth world map

Follower trap safety

Miraak sword unlimited charge

Tel Mithryn extended

Solstheim Lost levels

Stupid Dog

Artifacts Morrowindized

Cyclone audio change

Perfect Falkreath

Markarth Underground

Fantasy Markarth

RS Children Overhaul

Monster ModsEdit

Immersive Creatures (immersive creatures compatability)

Tame the beasts of skyrim 2

Here there be monsters


Rhinos of Skyrim

Legendary Creatures

Epic creatures of skyrim

Monster Mod with add-ons

Monster mod compatability with tame the beasts of skyrim 2

Child Giants

Wyverns of Skyrim



Golem Heart


Building ModsEdit

Tundra Defense

Pocket Empire

Riverside Shacks


Immersive Patrols

Immersive Armors


Morrowind Imports

Wet and Cold

Winter is Coming

Morrowind Border Argonian

Immersive Prayer

Aquatic Life Overhaul



Immersive First Person

Oblivion Dialogue


Honored Dead


Interesting NPCs

My little Kitty Ma-Rakha

Werewolf ModsEdit

Heart of the Beast

Werewolf Perks of Dawnguard Expanded

Werewolf Mastery

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