Weapons and Pack-A-PunchEdit

Lee Enfield = Griz No-scope

Uzi = Uncle Gal

Death Machine = Meat Grinder

AK47 = Reznov's Revenge 

P990M1 = Tube gunner 

M60E4 = My little friend 

Desert Eagle = Deagle's Rampage 

Honey Badger = Don't give a shit 

Chain SAW = Massacre 

Bull Dog = Pitbull 

MK323 = Godzilla 

P226 = You actually Pack-A-Punched this?! 

M14 EBR = Kyle's Griz

.44 Magnum = .44 + 1 K1L-u 

MG08/15 = Magna Collider 

KAP-40 = Karmic Atom Perforator 4000 

SKS = Raptor 

USAS12 = Big Bertha 

War Machine = Dystopic Demolisher 

Makarov = The shit's really hit the fan 

Ray Gun Mk II = Porter's Mk II Ray Gun 

M1919 Browning = B115 Accelerator 

DP28 = Dinner Plate 28 

M202 = Grim Reaper 

Tokarev TT-33 (BO animation) = Tokarev Titan T-69 

P08 Luger = Q19 Luger Supreme 

Webley Mk IV = .Webley + 1 K1L-u Mk VI 

Walther G41 = W115 Compressor 

SVT-40 = T-WU-81 

Sten = 1001 Gentlemen 

M40A3 No-scope = Griz No-scope Mk II 

Blundergat = Vitrolic Withering 

Machete = Voorhees 

Panzerfaust = Long Punch 

SWAT-556 = Strategic Weapons and Tactics-32 

Remington New Model Army = Sassafras 

Olympia sawed off = Hades sawed off 


Scoped Kar98k = Scoped Armageddon 

Lanchester = AuMo 

Nambu = Most overpowered gun ever! 

CM901 = FE182 

M93 Raffica = M186 Raph 

PP2000 = QQ3246 

M186 = Boomstick 

L118A = L115 80k 

M320 GLM = M458 

Blaser R8 = Blazing Rim 

Flamer = Frying Pan 

Grease Gun = Nine Divines 

MP41 = The Frost Bite 

MP93 Mk II = MP115 Aftershock 

Peacekeeper = Peacekeeper? 

Dragunov'd Nagant = D115 Lord 

Hybrid Nagant = D115 Disassemb-Lord 

Ultimate Zombie Hunting Rifle (Real name) = Already has an awesome name 

The Zombie X-terminator AK47 Rifle w/ Chainsaw & Drumb Mag (Real name) = Already has an amazing name 

Plasma Caster = Elder Destruction 

Plasma Caster Dual Weild = Destruction w/ Demolition 

Hafdasa Z-4 = Harlem Shake 

Policeman SMG = Da Coppers 

TAC-1 = Spider's Bite 

BARZ = Cob Web 

MAT-49 = Infinity Max'd 

Avenger [Buildable Weapon] = Marble 

SerLea [Dual Weild Engine] = Poltergeist 

MAS-38 = SpiderBite's Web 

Calico M1960 = Bull 

AA-52 = Death Match 

TKB-517 = Revenge's Long lost 

Grad =  Anti Decimator 

AK12 = Rez-Bot 

ČZ 522 = Tokyo w/ WNs and Calamities 

Brown Bess = Moby's Dick 

Fedorov Avtomat = AK....a 

Ray Gun Mk IV = Porter's Mk IV Ray Gun 

RPD = Relativistic Punishment Demon 

Ranger = Everything's bigger in Texas 

Remington New Model Army w/ Tactical Bowie Knife = Sassafras w/ Tactical Refibrillator 

Bowie and Galva = The Krauss w/ Thunder 

Sickle and Galva = The Psythe w/ Thunder 

Strela-3 = Valkyrie No scope 

Striker = Plow THROUGH 

Minigun = Not so Mini anymore 

Katana = Takeo's Pride  

Axe = A dryad's worst nightmare 

Trident = Telkhine's creation 

Pew Pew [Buildable] = Screw D.R.I.V.E.R. 

Gatling Laser = The Wither 

Experimental MIRV = And you though the Nambu was great! 

Burnmaster = Liquid Nitrogen 


Derringer = Re arranger 

M1851 = Cowboy 

Spartan Laser = I'ma fire-in ma lazaa!! 

M416 = Plasma G36M16 

MK 11 = Kyle's Griz Mk III 

Avtomat Experimental Koksharov-971 aka AEK-971 = Extraterrestrial Accuracy guaranteed Un-cock-blocker 111701 aka EAGU 111701

M39 EMR = Kyle's Griz Mk IV 

QBU-88 = Kyle's Griz Mk V

Ray Gun = Porter's X2 Ray Gun 

Thunder Gun = Zeus Cannon 

Scavenger = Hyena Infra-Dead 

Browning HP = Mustang 

RT-97C = Radical Turret-32FArret 

Q-2s5 Pistol = Queen's 20th Surprise 007 

DL-18 = Khronus 

DLT 19 Blaster = Anihilator's Obliterator w/ Complete Eradication

Tusken Rifle = Mammoth 

Thrustodyne Aeronautics module 23 = The Engineer

Sliquifier = Drakon's Acid

Lewis Gun = Frisbee

Gatling Laser Mk II = Psychotic Doom

Titus-6 = Primordial-7

MTS-255 = Monstrosity

Starstreak = Yauta's pride

MP48 = Critical Hit

Character ModelsEdit

The character models shall be that of the CDC agents from Black Ops 2; Nuketown Zombies (and Town, Farm, Bus Depot, etc)

Starting weaponEdit

The starting weapon will be the Browining HP ---> Link!


Unlike Black Ops 2 the CDC agents have quotes (same as original marines from Nacht Der Untoten and Verruckt

Easter EggEdit

In the easter egg you can trigger radios and you'll hear Niko Bellic and Roman Bellic trying to fend of zombies with a RPG and an Uzi ----> Link! Other Link! <----


The zombies themselves are from many different maps to fit the "outbreak" feel to Quarantined the 'name' of my custom map.